Introduction to Spiritual Psychology

An Introduction to Spiritual Psychology—Experience this free course and discover the approach that thousands have used to transform their consciousness, their lives, and their world.

In this course, facilitated by Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, you will be introduced to the Spiritual Psychology and will discover a new approach to living that can support you in profoundly transforming your life.

  • Learn about the Spiritual Context of life, which is at the heart of Spiritual Psychology.
  • Awaken into the awareness that we are not human beings with Souls but Souls having a human experience.
  • Explore life’s three essential questions-
    • Who am I? 
    • What is my life’s purpose? 
    • How can I make a meaningful contribution to the world?
  • Identify an unresolved issue in your life that may cause stress or discomfort
  • Complete a personal assessment to identify your unique opportunities for growth.
  • Discover the keys to transforming your issues into opportunities for Spiritual Awakening

Remember, this groundbreaking, online course is absolutely FREE, no strings attached. You have nothing to lose and oh so much to gain. Give yourself a gift that will last a lifetime.